What sets Clarity Cloud apart from the rest?

Clarity Management Group employees have hospitality in their veins, which means we all understand the nature of the beast and can troubleshoot as we go. We also know that there will be times that require extra hours of work to get a new venue running or spending a day on site to resolve an issue [...]

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Does moving to the cloud mean people will be replaced by computers?

No. We allocate a specific bookkeeper to each client, which allows you to communicate, Monday to Friday, with a real human being! And they’re hospitality experts, they know how to handle product queries on supplier invoices, or idiosyncrasies in payroll. In addition, they’re based in Brisbane and Sydney, so no international time zones to deal [...]

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What happens as my business grows?

Traditional bookkeeping methods mean, as you grow your business you have to increase your staff and other back-end administrative work. This overloads employees and increases cost. Our automated invoice capture is not affected in the same way, the data storage expands with you, at no extra cost.

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How does Clarity Management Group’s automation help with bettering my business?

It’s faster, seamless and more efficient. Invoices scanned are stored safely in our cloud based platform. The data (and any manager’s handwritten notes) are reviewed manually by our bookkeepers prior to automation, via an API into your venue’s accounting platform. Instead of thumbing through countless files looking for that needle in a haystack, a simple [...]

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Why shouldn’t I keep it all in-house?

A common remark that echoes throughout the industry is, “There aren’t enough hours in the day!” Traditional bookkeeping is no exception. It requires tedious data entry and time consuming ‘discovery’ procedures. Clarity Management Group offers an end-to-end bookkeeping service that closes the gap between front-of-house and back-of-house dealings, specialising in the needs of restaurants, pubs, [...]

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