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Cloud technology is quickly forging an integral role in everyday life, from file storage to photo sharing and even running a restaurant.

If you’re an SME in the hospitality industry, the cloud is an extremely useful tool to help your business run like a well-oiled machine. Our newest service, Clarity Cloud, is at the forefront of helping to improve the way businesses works – saving you time and money. Here are a few frequently asked questions.
Why shouldn’t I keep it all in-house?2020-11-16T23:48:59+10:00
A common remark that echoes throughout the industry is, “There aren’t enough hours in the day!” Traditional bookkeeping is no exception. It requires tedious data entry and time consuming ‘discovery’ procedures. Clarity Management Group offers an end-to-end bookkeeping service that closes the gap between front-of-house and back-of-house dealings, specialising in the needs of restaurants, pubs, clubs and hotels.
How will Clarity Management Group change the way the hospitality business works, compared with the current method?2020-11-16T23:50:12+10:00
Traditionally, bookkeeping processes are slow, inaccurate and involved time-consuming ‘discovery’ procedures when reconciling. Staffing is cumbersome and bookkeepers had to be on site. In addition, computer technology requires constant updates and IT servicing, which is also costly.
Clarity Management Group reduces your expenditure on hardware, labour, time and overheads. Provides for minimal disruption should service issues occur, or new applications require installation. Notably, you can view financial information in the cloud, on any device, in any location.
Why would we work with Clarity Management Group in our specialised industry?2020-11-16T23:48:27+10:00
We’re hospitality experts. Our technology and services are designed specifically for your industry. And we’ve been in this business for over thirty years.
How does Clarity Management Group’s automation help with bettering my business?2020-11-16T23:47:48+10:00
It’s faster, seamless and more efficient. Invoices scanned are stored safely in our cloud based platform. The data (and any manager’s handwritten notes) are reviewed manually by our bookkeepers prior to automation, via an API into your venue’s accounting platform. Instead of thumbing through countless files looking for that needle in a haystack, a simple search will bring up your records at the touch of a button. And you can trash all those paper invoices – saving you space and headache – we’re 100% digital.
I’m time poor, how difficult is it to set up?2020-11-16T23:47:07+10:00
The beauty with Clarity Management Group is its simplicity. Once your set-up with a scanner, we run you through the reporting, and you’re up and running and spending more time doing what you should be doing.
What happens as my business grows?2020-11-16T23:46:38+10:00
Traditional bookkeeping methods mean, as you grow your business you have to increase your staff and other back-end administrative work. This overloads employees and increases cost. Our automated invoice capture is not affected in the same way, the data storage expands with you, at no extra cost.
Does moving to the cloud mean people will be replaced by computers?2020-11-16T23:46:21+10:00
No. We allocate a specific bookkeeper to each client, which allows you to communicate, Monday to Friday, with a real human being! And they’re hospitality experts, they know how to handle product queries on supplier invoices, or idiosyncrasies in payroll. In addition, they’re based in Brisbane and Sydney, so no international time zones to deal with.
What accounting platforms is Clarity compatible with?2020-11-16T23:42:53+10:00
We’re platform agnostic. We can interface with all accounting platforms so it’s not an issue for us if your software preference is Xero over MYOB, or Microsoft Dynamics over NetSuite.
Do I need specialised equipment?2020-11-16T23:41:57+10:00
A scanner and internet connection! And we can point you in the direction of the best scanners, in our experience.
How secure is my data being housed on Clarity’s platform?2020-11-16T23:41:33+10:00
It’s solid. Our cloud based storage system is housed in the same location as major banks, government institutions and accounting platforms. Ensuring a safeguard against data with point-in-time recovery capabilities and granular recovery. And your data is backed up to a secondary storage facility twice daily.
What sets Clarity Cloud apart from the rest?2020-11-16T23:40:57+10:00
Clarity Management Group employees have hospitality in their veins, which means we all understand the nature of the beast and can troubleshoot as we go. We also know that there will be times that require extra hours of work to get a new venue running or spending a day on site to resolve an issue with the takings reconciliation for example. We may have the technology, but nothing compares to staff with industry knowledge that act in the client’s best interest. Just ask our clients.
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